What We Do

"We strengthen your current leadership skill sets, help develop your company’s potential leaders and provide ’best practices’ for those willing to embrace and engage them." Dr. Applewhite

We offer leadership laboratories for individuals, groups and corporations. Our laboratories are highly interactive, fun, rewarding and filled with information that can be immediately applied to the workplace. Because business today is results-oriented, bottom-line driven, resource and time constrained, we actively engage and challenge each participant so they can be more effective and efficient in making critical decisions. Each participant can take with them a toolset of best practices, concepts, models and techniques that can be used today.

Our customized leadership laboratories are available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 hour, 1 and 2 day formats. Always listening to our customers; if your needs dictate something different, we are flexible too!

A Small Sample Of Our Expertise:
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  • New Leader Academy - We will design one just for you!
  • Leadership - The Essential Ingredients of Leadership
  • Leadership vs. Management (There is a difference!)
  • Critical Thinking Skills - The Building Blocks of Success
  • Goals - We make it easy for you to get there
  • Preparing for Organizational Transformation - Translating Vision to Actuality
  • Teams - How To Go From Good To Great!
  • Transition - Getting The Vision To Your Experts!
  • Communication - Not Just On The Same Page...
  • Delegation - But I Want It Accomplished My Way!
  • Succession Planning - It Helps Your Bottom Line
  • Ethics! - Yes, Let's Talk About That...

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