Who We Are

Dr. Wayne Applewhite, Founding Partner
Dr. Applewhite has been described as an energetic and visionary leader, an innovator, a critical thinker, a team player, and a young man that is engaging and gets the job done successfully every time. He has enjoyed success in many professions to include medical, logistics, intelligence, management, consulting, and academia. No stranger to new ideas, he holds three scholastic degrees, reads constantly and suggests he continues to be a lifelong learner.
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Ms. Cindi Taylor, Founding Partner
Cindi Taylor is a dynamo; at least that is how one CEO described her. She is creative, exciting, decisive, and has the innate ability to quickly comprehend the larger scope while simultaneously communicating the important individual roles each collaborative partner plays. Coming up through the ranks, Cindi has earned the respect from the top and the bottom in every industry she has encountered. Cindi not only talks-the-talk, she actively walks it every day!
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