Ready to become the leader you always knew you could be?

Being a respected leader in our culture traditionally comes with great rewards. Becoming that leader requires an equally great commitment to learn, risk assess, practice and continually develop your expertise. We created Just Leadership in order to share the skills and concepts that allow leaders at all levels to expand and sharpen their performance through influence, engagement and action.

As seasoned professionals, we are committed to helping individuals, teams and organizations attain excellence in leadership. We acquired our own expertise in diverse fields and organizations and continue to learn even more from our clients and students.

Because every organization has distinct features and unique needs, we customize our services based on the desired outcomes. Versatile formats include workshops, seminars, classroom or conference presentations and individual coaching sessions.

The practical core of Just Leadership is the Leadership Lab (TM). These are experiential, highly interactive group sessions that immediately engage learners in activities that require leadership behavior. Specific content is built around each client's requirements. Participants can put what they learn into practice immediately as they contribute to the shared visions of their organizations.

At Just Leadership we offer agile coaching and training by one of our founding partners, Cindi Taylor. Cindi is a CSM and CSPO, agile coach and trainer with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of software development, management and leadership. Because we are a leadership company, and our passion is leadership, we focus on coaching Scrum Masters, Program Managers and Product Owners with team building as a part of all training. We have considerable expertise in agile software development and our training is designed to be hands-on and fun. If you want to build a new agile team or just give your team a boost, give us a call.

Any of our services can be created as part of an ongoing, long-term partnership program or offered as "made to order" special events.

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